Change the landing page of my blog

Or: So, How do I change the homepage of my blog to be a different page.

For some blogs, the posts are not the primary content. To modify what the landing page of your blog is, you can use this neat workaround.

  1. Copy the path of the page you want to redirect to, e.g. /p/mypage.html
  2. Go to > (Your blog) > Settings > Search preferences.
  3. Under Errors and Redirections, there is Custom Redirects.
  4. Hit 'Edit'
  5. Set From to '/'
  6. Set To to the path in step 1, e.g. /p/mypage.html
  7. Tick permanent
  8. Save.

Now, navigating to your blog's homepage will redirect.

But wait! I still want to be able to get to the homepage!

No problemo, all you need to do is modify your Page List widget navigation Home link. Currently, it's just the home page. Let's change it to a search, with no criteria.
  1.  Go to the Layout tab
  2. Find your Page List widget
  3. Untick 'Home'
  4. Click '+Add external link'
  5. Set the url to your blog's url with /search as the path. (e.g.

Happy Blogging!


  1. I found your blog by accident and I must say thank you. I came here trying to find out how to insert a landing page to my blogger blog and found answers to at least a half dozen other questions. I will pass this page on to others. Again thank you.


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