Add a Section to my Template

Note: This does not apply to Dynamic Views blogs!

In the 'Layouts' tab, you can drag and drop widgets into sections.

The sections that you can see are defined in your blog's template.

To add your own section, you can simply add a b:section element to your template wherever you want it to sit.

Note: The element will not be visible since it will be empty, but you can still drop a widget onto it. If you want to make it easier to find after you've added it, move an existing widget from another section into your new section.

<b:section class='my-section' id='my-section'></b:section>

Let's say I want the section to be a footer section, above the attribution section.

I can easily find the attribution section by jumping to the attribution widget. Then, above the section, I add the code:

Save the template, and navigate to the Layouts tab. You will now see an extra section!


  1. A little unrelated, but I love this blog template. How did you get such great post snippets and thumbnails to show in the main blog page? Blogger's native post.snippets and post.thumbnails are both just too small. I like the larger sizes of both you have here.

    1. Wrote you this, hopefully it's what you were after?


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