Add a parallax effect to Soho

Blogger's just launched a bunch of new templates. I put up some instructions for adding a parallax effect to Contempo - this article is the exact same effect, but for Soho!

If you scroll a little on this blog, you'll notice that I've got a subtle parallax effect going. That effect is just a small JS library by Mark Dalgleish, called Stellar.

To add the same parallax effect to your Soho template, just click this button! The content is shown below.

Alternatively, you can simply head to your blog's Layout tab, and add an HTML/Javascript gadget anywhere in the page.

Then, add the following content to it:

<script src=""></script>
<script src=''></script>
$('.hero-image').attr('data-stellar-background-ratio', '0.5');
$(window).stellar({horizontalOffset: 50, verticalOffset: 50});

Make sure it doesn't have a title, hit save, and voila!

Happy Templating


  1. Dear thanks for this script. I use and make a parallex iffect my website. Thanks again


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