Add quickedit icons to the new themes in Chrome

The new themes that Blogger recently launched (Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable) don't currently support the quickedit icons that administrators used to be able to see on their blogspot page. Several users were asking how to get these back, so I've hacked together a little chrome extension to allow users to add the icons for a user-specified set of URLs.

The chrome extension can be found in the chrome webstore.

Setting up the extension

Once installed, it's pretty straightforward to enable it for your blogs. Simply click the icon, enter the domains (one per line).

NOTE: The string comparison is for window.location.hostname only, which mean you don't want to include the scheme (e.g. http://).

My configuration, for example, is

Hope this helps for you users that love the 2-way navigation.

Happy editing!


  1. What does the icon look like?
    Still a pencil?
    And where would it appear?


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